Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Well it has been a while since I have worked on this blog....alot of things have changed this past year, but with all the changes came a renewal of my passion.
I decided to start "gathering" goodies and make a commitment to do the Junk Bonanza next year at Canterbury say I am excited is an HUGE understatement....I have been doing Junk, repurposing, ocassional sales, recycling for many many years....I live it !!!  Made a house around it and truly love it !!!!!
I have been faithfully reading one of my fave blogs the farm chicks, and I have to say that Serena is very inspiring......I love the way she shares everyday things...sometimes we get so caught up in trying to find "new and exciting", that we miss just how fabulous that everyday life and memories can be !

                             So I am very excited to see how this "next new year" will unfold for me and my family.  I am really looking forward to getting "back in the game" of junking and collecting and selling and meeting new friends, the sisterhood of junking is like no other !!!!  You either get it or you don't !!  I look forward to making my mark !

                              So watch out junk I come AGAIN !  I love the search and hunt for the perfect junk, and selling it to someone who thinks it's the perfect find !!!  I look forward to connecting with all the other crazy people who have the same interests.......I welcome comments and advise......

                             Sincerely, Celeste @ Vintage Ivy

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