Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Simple :)

It's raining today...we need the rain, but I prefer some sunshine :)  Picked these out of my yard.....my little bit of sunshine .

Movin on !

Well, still reeling after not winning the Farm Chicks giveaway.....I needed to get my mind back to collecting for the fall Junk Bonanza ! 

It's "garage sale" season in Minnesota, so each week, I scan the papers for ads, to find the best ones.  The past two weeks, I have found a couple great sales, and one good auction...  a sneak peak of some goodies !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ok, here are the top 10 reasons I NEED to be picked for the Farm Chicks giveway :
  1. I just know that Serena is my long lost sister !
  2. I AM a DEFINATE Minnesota Farm Chick !
  3. My family thinks that I should definately be the one to win this :)
  4. My name is Celeste (Serena has a friend named Celeste)
  5. This trip to me would be better than a trip to Hawaii !  Seriously !
  6. I eat , live and breath Farm Chick style !
  7. I have the Farm Chicks cookbook and need it signed :)
  8. I have never been to Washington !
  9. I have a reputation in my small town, as a girl with some of the funnest "junk"!
  10. I am debuting my "wares" at the Junk Bonanza this year and need some wonderful "Farm Chicks" inspiration !

So this is my humble plea to be picked for the giveaway...I will be anxiously waiting by my computer to see the winner unveiled and will hope and pray it's little old me . Thank you, Celeste at Vintage Ivy

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Look what I found !

So this morning, my six year old , was as usual the first one down stairs to eat breakfast, ahead of the rest of us.  My hubby had already left at his usual time.  As I came down the stairs, I heard her singing about a Cupola........alittle strange .....and then she was talking to someone...(which isn't unusual for a six year old )....
As I came around the corner of the kitchen , she was definately having a conversation !  I was alittle scared that someone was in the driveway, so I said "who the heck are you talking to ?" !!!
She gave me a look and said "Ah, daddy, ...he's gonna sell a cupola " !.....
Well, in any other family, that would be a weird conversation to have with a six year old at 7 in the morning, but not here :)
My hubby WAS outside, and he was excited to tell me to look in the driveway .....so I did, and there it was, a very large beautiful old cupola !
"It was laying in the middle of the freeway, on my way to work!!"  What luck !
We get excited about such things !  Strange?  Not really !
So this fabulous piece will make a great addition to my Junk Bonanza booth !  It's so pretty !

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ta Dah !!!

The recipe went really well.  Only thing is I started out with making the first few crepes a bit thick, so we ended up with 10 layers instead of 12, but it was just as delicious !
Here is our finished product !  Have to say it is one of the best desserts that we've had !  Seriously !  It's hit !  (See next blog down for the full details and recipe :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lemons , Eggs , and Easter ! OH My !

Happy Easter !  Our family doesn't have traditions for Easter , per say, but each year we DO split the dinner up, being it's just my parents and my family.  So this year I decided I would like to do the desserts amoung some other things.  So my mom showed me a recipe in the Easter issue of Martha Stewart .......Meyer Lemon Crepe Cake, Yum !!!  The picture above is from the magazine!  Hope mine turns out just as beautiful !!
So mom picked up the "meyer lemons"  from Trader Joe's, regular lemons wouldn't due.....because Meyer lemons are supposed to be sweater, less sour, according to Martha :)
So this morning I got all my ingredients out, and got to use my grandmothers antique glass  !  I love trying new recipes, and anything with Lemons is sure to be good.  So basically, you make homemade lemon curd, and then the crepes!   And before assembling you whip in heavy cream into the curd and start layering crepes and lemon curd !!! All can be made ahead and then assembled before eating ! 
So, here is the start of it...........I am already having a hard time leaving the finished lemon curd alone !!  Seriously, it is to die for ! 
I will post my personal finished product from our Easter dinner, tomorrow...until then Bon Apetit !  And try a new recipe today :)  Happy Easter !

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The moral of this story is........don't bite off more than you can chew.......so I started with the sad ottoman.  So here are the first few steps of my first (sort of ) upholstery project.  I am excited and scared all together!  We purchased this awesome Waverly floral print this weekend, so now I HAVE TO get going on this :)
The last pic is the sad chair that accompanies the sad ottoman......we "acquired" this set and it is actually a very well built piece of furniture, but it's seen better days!  But since all three kids can fit in it at once and ocassionally my hubby and I squeeze in it together, it's a keeper.
Can't wait to get to the final product.
Stay tuned for updates !

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's a great day when I get a favorite catalog or magazine in the mail.  Shallow?  Well maybe, but it's the little things !  So I have really been itching to do something creative in the area of sewing, but nothing has grabbed me besides the cute Heather Bailey, turtle pattern !  Adorable ! (also a few posts down),  I am trying to get down to crafty planet, to see if they now carry the cute elephant pattern, so turtle can have a friend :)
Anyway, today my Cath Kidston , catalog/magazine came  !!!!!  And I knew as soon as I pulled of the plastic covering that I was going to have a great rest of the day ! 
For some reason, the colors and patterns she uses just speak to me.  There isn't one thing in the whole mag that I don't love and want !
So on my quest to get motivated to do some serious creative sewing, there is the cutest upholstered chair in one of the pics.
I have been wanting to recover a big overstuffed chair that we "acquired" a few years ago.  And I also, am on the look for a fun French Provincial, or wing type chair to recover in a fun funky floral, to be a signature piece for the up coming Junk Bonanza sale in September , that I am debuting at !
So, there you have it, little things !  I have my project in mind.............now to find that piece I need to work on!   It's the thrill of the hunt !  Enjoy these pics and happy day !

I seriously need my laundry room to look like this too !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pat's Day

Happy St.Patricks Day !  I love these vintage cards....don't know what pigs have to do with St.Pat's day , but cute anyhow !

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here's another project I thought would be fun to try out....this cute little turtle, by Heather Bailey.  She has theeee most fabulous spring fabrics and the cutest patterns.  I purchased this pattern at Crafty Planet, but you can purchase her patterns directly on her site...... 
Don't know exactly what I will do with this little trinket, but she sure is cute !

Sewing Again !!

So it's been awhile since I have been in the sewing mood..I love to sew, and have been viewing checking out all my fave websites/blogs for the new spring fabric line ....now that gets me in the mood !  Fabulous springy bright fabrics !  Nothing better to get motivated to sew !  And I had just the project :)
My husband made this cute bed for our daughter American Girl doll, so of course she needed a bedding set to go with it.........so we hit Joann's and this is what she picked.......
A nice polka dot sheet with a brightly colored quilt !  She loved it ! 

Friday, February 26, 2010

What do I want to be when I grow up?

My friend Sara and I often bounce ideas off eachother, and daydream about what we want to do "when we grow up".... we are both creative people and sometimes that is difficult when it comes to really being able to make a living at something you are passionate about !
This past year has been "challenging" at our house to say the least, with the failing economy.  But I still like to daydream !  I recently went back to school for 155 hours of refresher training to get re- licensed in cosmetology.  As many of you know, I worked at a great salon for many years, pre-children, and then decided to stay home with them until they all were in school.  WELL they are all in school, and I am faced with "what to do".......I have many passions.  None of which will make me a millionare, but none the less, I am passionate about them.
One crazy dream I have is to own a store that incoorperates a delicatessan, full service salon/spa, and a large area for junk market ocassional sales !
Sounds like a great place to go right ?!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring, where are you?

Picked up some seeds today.....can't wait to get them planted in my milkjugs...yes, milkjugs..check out the procedure on the Organic Gardenening site.  I like to buy seeds just about anywhere.....http://www.burpee.com/,http://www.seedsaversexchange.org/, or http://www.johnnyseeds.com/  Happy planting :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ready for some Flea Markets !

So these past couple days, with the sun shining and the snow melting have really put me in the mood for some flea market shopping!  But since this is Minnesota and there is still snow.........Well, I will just have to wait.  But I do have some scheduled on my calendar already ! The first being a listing I saw in the new Flea Market Style magazine, by JunkMarket/JunkBonanza fame Ki Naussauer, and stylist Matthew Mead.  The event is the weekend of May 15-16 in Earlham, Iowa..roadtrip!  check it out at old crow farm antiques.
So back to the flea market cravings.  So since I can't wait for one to come around, I NEEDED to do something, so I hit our local thrift store in hopes of finding a treasure.  And the first picture is my fabulous find of the day!  This crib bumper screemed "new chair pads" to me.  It totally reminded me of a Kath Kidston print, and I love it, totally springy!  I was very pleased, and can't wait to start cutting it up!  It's the little things in life!
So here are some more picks of my fave things that get me in the mood for spring and Flea Market finds. 
I am also anxious about finding one of a kind must haves to sell at my debut appearance of Junk Bonanza, september 16-18th, at Canterbury Downs !  Can't wait !
Here are some more pics to enjoy.