Monday, February 22, 2010

Ready for some Flea Markets !

So these past couple days, with the sun shining and the snow melting have really put me in the mood for some flea market shopping!  But since this is Minnesota and there is still snow.........Well, I will just have to wait.  But I do have some scheduled on my calendar already ! The first being a listing I saw in the new Flea Market Style magazine, by JunkMarket/JunkBonanza fame Ki Naussauer, and stylist Matthew Mead.  The event is the weekend of May 15-16 in Earlham, Iowa..roadtrip!  check it out at old crow farm antiques.
So back to the flea market cravings.  So since I can't wait for one to come around, I NEEDED to do something, so I hit our local thrift store in hopes of finding a treasure.  And the first picture is my fabulous find of the day!  This crib bumper screemed "new chair pads" to me.  It totally reminded me of a Kath Kidston print, and I love it, totally springy!  I was very pleased, and can't wait to start cutting it up!  It's the little things in life!
So here are some more picks of my fave things that get me in the mood for spring and Flea Market finds. 
I am also anxious about finding one of a kind must haves to sell at my debut appearance of Junk Bonanza, september 16-18th, at Canterbury Downs !  Can't wait !
Here are some more pics to enjoy.

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