Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lemons , Eggs , and Easter ! OH My !

Happy Easter !  Our family doesn't have traditions for Easter , per say, but each year we DO split the dinner up, being it's just my parents and my family.  So this year I decided I would like to do the desserts amoung some other things.  So my mom showed me a recipe in the Easter issue of Martha Stewart .......Meyer Lemon Crepe Cake, Yum !!!  The picture above is from the magazine!  Hope mine turns out just as beautiful !!
So mom picked up the "meyer lemons"  from Trader Joe's, regular lemons wouldn't due.....because Meyer lemons are supposed to be sweater, less sour, according to Martha :)
So this morning I got all my ingredients out, and got to use my grandmothers antique glass  !  I love trying new recipes, and anything with Lemons is sure to be good.  So basically, you make homemade lemon curd, and then the crepes!   And before assembling you whip in heavy cream into the curd and start layering crepes and lemon curd !!! All can be made ahead and then assembled before eating ! 
So, here is the start of it...........I am already having a hard time leaving the finished lemon curd alone !!  Seriously, it is to die for ! 
I will post my personal finished product from our Easter dinner, tomorrow...until then Bon Apetit !  And try a new recipe today :)  Happy Easter !

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