Thursday, April 15, 2010

Look what I found !

So this morning, my six year old , was as usual the first one down stairs to eat breakfast, ahead of the rest of us.  My hubby had already left at his usual time.  As I came down the stairs, I heard her singing about a Cupola........alittle strange .....and then she was talking to someone...(which isn't unusual for a six year old )....
As I came around the corner of the kitchen , she was definately having a conversation !  I was alittle scared that someone was in the driveway, so I said "who the heck are you talking to ?" !!!
She gave me a look and said "Ah, daddy, ...he's gonna sell a cupola " !.....
Well, in any other family, that would be a weird conversation to have with a six year old at 7 in the morning, but not here :)
My hubby WAS outside, and he was excited to tell me to look in the driveway I did, and there it was, a very large beautiful old cupola !
"It was laying in the middle of the freeway, on my way to work!!"  What luck !
We get excited about such things !  Strange?  Not really !
So this fabulous piece will make a great addition to my Junk Bonanza booth !  It's so pretty !

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