Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ok, here are the top 10 reasons I NEED to be picked for the Farm Chicks giveway :
  1. I just know that Serena is my long lost sister !
  2. I AM a DEFINATE Minnesota Farm Chick !
  3. My family thinks that I should definately be the one to win this :)
  4. My name is Celeste (Serena has a friend named Celeste)
  5. This trip to me would be better than a trip to Hawaii !  Seriously !
  6. I eat , live and breath Farm Chick style !
  7. I have the Farm Chicks cookbook and need it signed :)
  8. I have never been to Washington !
  9. I have a reputation in my small town, as a girl with some of the funnest "junk"!
  10. I am debuting my "wares" at the Junk Bonanza this year and need some wonderful "Farm Chicks" inspiration !

So this is my humble plea to be picked for the giveaway...I will be anxiously waiting by my computer to see the winner unveiled and will hope and pray it's little old me . Thank you, Celeste at Vintage Ivy


Mi Vida Loca said...

Yes... my dear friend Celeste NEEDS to be chosen!!!! And if she is, I need to be her escort!
Deal? Deal!!!:-)

Come Junk With Us said...

Oh my gosh Celeste if you don't win this you need to fly out to Seattle and come on The Farm Chicks Junk Junket with us! Fly in to Seattle,hop on the bus and we will take on a Farm Chicks weekend like you have never been on. You get in to the show early, dinner with Serena at Chaps, and we give lots of prizes away on the bus.
Come Junk With Us!!!!